Hand Picked­                    Project Staff

Our special selection process ensures that new employees not only bring high technical skills but also the social skills necessary to work successfully in our agile projects.

Our employees are highly responsible and self-determined. For us, it is therefore very important that applicants find themselves in our corporate philosophy and working method and that we can also employ them according to your wishes.


1Our selection process starts with interviews. With their help, we clarify whether the applicant basically has the desired qualities, i.e. what experience he or she has in which software technologies and how his or her personality harmonizes with our agile values and our way of dealing with each other.


2In Reviews of the applicant’s current project work, we then gain an impression of the technical demands he has on his work and how he implements them. Among other things, we investigate the question of whether the applicant creates memorials of his competence or writes beautiful, pragmatic and comprehensible code.


3Finally, the applicant works on a trial basis in one of our internal projects. This shows us whether we and the applicant also fit together in practice. During the trial period, the applicant will be introduced to our tools and methods as well as other technologies. Afterwards he will take over the first tasks in one of our customer projects.