Agile moderated
development process

The core of our agile approach are our specially trained project facilitators. They ensure proper and regular communication within our projects.

Clear, direct and continuous communication is an essential prerequisite for successful agile work. The best way is, of course, when customer representatives and the development team are in the same place and speak the same language. Neither is possible in nearshore projects. This places high demands on the communicative skills of all persons involved in the project.

We therefore use Moderators in our projects who actively support all project participants in communication. In addition to the professional and technical know-how of an experienced project manager and IT consultant, moderators have at least two other important skills:


1Friction losses and inefficiencies in projects usually arise on an interpersonal level and unconsciously for the project members. With the help of group dynamic know-how, our moderators are able to quickly identify blind spots in communication, misunderstandings and other conflict potential, to make them accessible to the participants and to work efficiently with them.


2Our moderators are at home in German and Bulgarian culture and speak fluent Bulgarian as well as English and German. This enables them to interact with both cultural sides of the project with appropriate sensitivity.