Our low hourly rates cut the costs of a traditional project already substantially. But low hourly rates alone do not make a really cost-effective project. Also, the quality has to be right.

Our high product and process quality in our projects is primarily the consequence of our lived agile values​​:


1Positive regard is the foundation for trustful and open collaboration. We treat everyone with respect – whether customer, employee, co-worker or supervisor. If you feel yourself respected, you don’t have to be afraid to tell the truth or to hear the truth.


2Only when you know the truth, you can make the right decisions. We therefore commu­nicate information in an open way – positive and negative, praise and criticism. Thus, we are able to discover misleading devel­opments very early and to react on them appropriately.


3Everybody loves to bring good news. But it’s the bad news that will save projects. In order to deliver but also to accept and learn from them, it requires courage – courage for the truth and courage for change. We cultivate both in our relationships with our customers and employ­ees.


4We are authentic in what we say and do. If we commit ourselves, you can be sure that we will be 100% behind it. We rather reject a project, if we have doubts about its feasibility, than we rush you and us into an adventure.

Due to the synergy of our values​​, innovative methods, open source technologies and efficient tools your overall costs are reduced even more significantly. Here you’ll find out why.