Efficient standard technologies

Modern technology is another important condition to develop and deliver product features really fast. But we don’t reinvent the wheel here. We use only proven technologies that have already been established in the developer community.

Most of our applications have a collaborative character and are implemented by us as web applications. All web frameworks we use are based on the principle “Convention over Configuration”, implement the MVC pattern and are widely used. This guarantees high productivity in the creation and maintenance of applications, keeps the onboarding times for new developers short and the supplier lock-in low for our customers.

To ensure that the applications we develop fit perfectly with our customers’ IT strategy, we mainly use three variants of web frameworks:


1Rails is currently the secure web framework with which the highest productivity can be achieved. We use Rails primarily for stand-alone applications with little dependency on third-party systems or a higher-level IT strategy. This environment can often be found in smaller companies and start-ups as well as autonomous branches or departments.


2If a company relies on Enterprise Java as a strategy for its applications, diverse legacy systems such as ERP, CRM, DMS, etc. have to be connected or the performance requirements are extremely high, Grails is used. In addition to high productivity, it enables seamless integration into the Spring- and JEE world with all its advantages.


3If a company relies on Microsoft, we develop our applications in ASP.NET MVC. Since version 3 this Framеwork offers sufficiently high productivity advantages with simultaneous seamless integration with existing Microsoft technologies.

Of course, these are not the only technologies in which we have competence and experience. We also develop applications with classical frameworks like JEE, .NET, Cocoa and languages like PHP, C++ or Objective-C.